This was a wonderful experience. Very practical ideas and setup, Jerry’s knowledge on the DO’s and Don’ts could save the general public a lot of mistakes in the many technologies and products for alternative electrical and hot water heating.

Chris Moore

Very informative, The center provides a real life simulation with proven systems. Jerry and Johanne speak from experience and care to share their knowledge so other people can explore alternative energy options with confidence.

Johanne Grattan

This was a Great experience and I’m happy to see someone take on the energy challenge. The learning center shows that with hard work you can adapt old technology to achieve an energy efficient home. It was interesting to see firsthand a household living off the grid. Thanks again for the tour, it was very informative.

Ricky VanWeston

Great green site!

Nice role model!

Kevin J. Gallant , P. Eng.
Southside Air Inc.
A Renewable Technology Company


Heronwood is a great place to get ideas for greener living. Whether you choose to live off grid or just want to cut down on the use of non sustainable fuels, visiting Heronwood can provide some answers. Our praise and thanks go out to the Basterache family for their efforts to help others in their endeavour to leave a little more for all our children.

Everyone at Nova Sun Power
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Great experience and very educational. We found it refreshing to hear and see about how renewable energies can be used properly at the residential level.
Done right!

Marc Melanson
Sales Manager
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For years we have been searching for ways to become energy self sufficient and have struggled with a lack of qualified people to help us on our journey. Since our first visit and the many subsequent visits to Gerry’s home and the learning centre we have moved forward rapidly towards our goal. Thanks Gerry for all of your help.

George & Suzanne Irving
Moncton, NB